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Thank you for your love. Or hate. Or the subscription that you just paid for. Or didn't. Or plan to. I believe we are collective owners of all that we create. That access to art or to information should not be decided by one's ability to pay. All readers of SJD have full access to everything on this blog. Additionally, if you wish to reproduce any content appearing here, all you have to do is ask, not pay. However, we still live in an exchange economy, and all contributions towards enabling this blog to stay alive are gratefully acknowledged.  You can choose to support us by buying a subscription (use the form below) or making a donation (to this paypal user).

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I write not only because I enjoy writing but also to help create a new awareness about the consequences of our choices, attitudes and lifestyles. I rarely, if ever, undertake commissioned work on SJD. Even contest posts on SJD are usually in line with my overall thinking. In addition to this blog, I also work to create viable platforms for stakeholders in the social repair process. Some of these are overt (like SoCh) while others are less blatant (like poetry groups, jazz appreciation, bloggers meets, writers workshops, etc.). None of these activities are for profit, and most are funded by our own contributions. Your support - be it in the form of buying a subscription, making a donation, or just helping spread the word about what we are doing out here - is deeply appreciated.

Dad writing, hours after a syncopal attack at Pondicherry in 2013, while my niece, Mia, looks on.

Ways in which you can support SJD (other than taking out a subscription).
1. Live responsibly.
2. Be happy.
3. Be kind to your environment.
4. Encourage reading.
5. Share your ideas freely and widely.
6. Join us in our poetry sessions, jazz listening posts, and writers workshops.
7. Participate in SoCh.
8. Avail of some of the services we offer.

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