A Brother's Wedding - 1983

The previous night he walked the streets
Queen in sight but still as if in a dream
He rings the bell cold clammy hands and feet
To hear an equally cold clammy scream.

Months it was, months it would ever be
Mantric, darkroomed, black and blue
Months just months, like years just hours
All just knowing one thing to be true.

Sun green joyous slid Homeric that day
At the toast, the tablecloth gripped the groom
The pests all watched their prey slide away
They totted it up but forgave the newly doomed.

There are sails that never should be sold
Whose preening our littleness can't understand
Fair are words that never really are told
The registrar just a job posing as a man.

Into the microphone we place our orders
Licking the whelp beacon to find the section
That un-wines wafers crossing borders
 My brother (hear) wants to make (here) a correction.

Nightmares guested faster than called
Bruised and battered, kingless sexless queens
When shipwrecked, staying afloat is all
Eating drinking off projects, plans and dreams.

The depraved merrymaking of surviving
Rewarding so each sundown each daybreak
Flawed poison that does not kill nor does bring
Gleaming pink purpose of a rightly done steak.

Eyes have never heard of such a thing
No billing counter no returns no refund
Swell is  time all tables be up turning
Death doing us a complementing gerund.

The groom stands up, raises his glass
Totters and clutches at the tablecloth
To Happiness, he declares and falls backwards
Everyone laughs, in mirth, in wrath.

Subhorup Dasgupta
December 30, 2018

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