Four Financial Milestones To Reach By Age 30

My favorite season is in the wings. Like first cups of new tea, each day teases me into looking deeper at things we live with. To lead happier lives, to eliminate the poisons of greed, anger and ignorance, to get things done with as little stress and waste as possible, to reduce the errors of our ways and to help Dev learn what is worthy.

The richness of our world is reason for hope.

Money, how we acquire it, what we use it for, and the price we are ready to pay for it is central to much of our pursuit of a simpler, more responsible life. Both right livelihood and right conduct come into play when it comes to money. More on that some other time.

One of our challenges during these last few years has been to try and catch up with our milestones after hitting a few financial dead ends. If I were able to relive my 20s again, there would be a couple of things I would be gunning for.

Read my post on Four Financial Milestones To Reach By Age 30 over at the MoneyView blog.

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How To Avoid Common Money Mistakes

Money and saving money is often the most important goal for many if not most people. Financial hardships, debts and bankruptcy are just as important a reality for perhaps just as large a number of us. Strange, huh? Most people wake up to financial challenges when they are already nicely at home. Like embarrassing relatives, they sit around, reminding you of bills and groceries. The good news is that with a bit of foresight and planning, most personal finance meltdowns can be kept really, really far.

The principles are simple, create a money roadmap, make your family money-literate, and understand the nature of debt. You might be half nodding your head at some, but chances are you need to start acting right away.  Read the detailed how to avoid common personal finance mistakes post at the MoneyView blog.
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