My First Virtual Flash Art Exhibition And Sale

"Then you have an artist who says he doesn't want to paint at all." ~ Mark Knopfler, In The Gallery

I have a tea business and a digital marketing business. And while I have tea and worry about how to keep my digital marketing business afloat, I write and draw. I first shared my artwork on this blog when writing about Hindi poetry bloggers, and since I didn't get any adverse comments, I thought I would put some more out. As a digital marketeer I will do what I can to sell my work using social media. Once the groundwork is over, I will carry on with my life, only to come back in 24 hours to shut shop. (Update: The exhibition was ultimately kept open for 36 hours in order to include 12 hours of Monday - from Sunday early morning to Monday evening.)

These are from the last 10 years of my journey as an art student and aspiring artist and as a social entity living in the most challenging of times. Like my writing, my painting tends to be aimed at dissecting ideas rather than achieving anything of substance. As an amateur (one who is in love with what he does as opposed to professional), I feel totally within my rights. However, I accede to my times the right to not know WTF I am talking about.

This is a flash sale. Prices do not include shipping, framing, or digital reproduction rights. Most of these works are available online for lower priced reproductions. Prices of originals apply only to this experimental sale. I will do my best to update in real time, and I promise to put out more work if and as I clear my inventory. Commission undertaken subject to availability. (Update: I sold six paintings in the 36 hours out of the 9 that I exhibited. Two of these were by family members so they don't count. One was not for sale. That makes 4 out of 8, house-half-full. Pleased and grateful.) 

More than anything else, I would like this exhibition to be the beginning of a new conversation, a new dialog, one without a discriminatory or judging tone, to discuss where art goes from where it has been over the last few very exciting decades. I invite art students, scholars and lovers to jump in. Let us find, nurture and cherish the art that should define our time.

For everyone who happened upon this post, enjoy!!

"Family" 2015, Oil on Canvas, 11" x 14" Mounted, 10,000 SOLD

"Ascetic" 2015 Oil on canvas board, 8" x 11" 40,000 SOLD

"Study for Three Treasures" 2015 Oil on canvas board 12" x 15" 10,000 SOLD

"Study for Ascetic" 2015 Oil on canvas board, 8" x 11" 5000

"Study for Queen of Arts" 1985, Ink on Paper, 8" x 11", Not for Sale

"Forest" 2011 Mixed media on cardboard, 8" x 11", unmounted, 5000 SOLD

"The raised hand/A double edged sword," 2007, Watercolor on paper, 8" x 11" unmounted, 2000

"Study for Forest" 2011 Mixed media on card, 8" x 11" unmounted, 2000 SOLD
"Self Portrait" 2011, Pencil on paper, 8" x 11", unmounted, 10,000 SOLD

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