10 Tips On How To Be Mindful When You Are Busy

What better way to greet the wonderful weather right now in Hyderabad than with a business post. Business as in the -ness of being busy. Aarathi and I have been discussing and trying to improve how we live for many years. Aarathi Selvan  is a licensed psychotherapist and one of the first bloggers I began following. When she introduced me to contemplative photography, I realized this was what I had been trying to do all my life. She conducts Mindfulness and Creative Journaling Workshops in addition to her private practice. This weekend, April 17-19, 2015, she has put together a three-day workshop on Intentional Living at Country Club, Begumpet, Hyderabad. The facilitators include contemplative photographers, artists, body mind awareness experts, and peak performance coaches in addition to Aarathi herself. The course fee covers materials, lunch and refreshments for three days. Her guest post at this time has relevance at so many levels for each one of us. Over to Aarathi. Enjoy!


I know busy. I am busy. I believe that a busy life makes mindfulness mandatory. Here are ten tips based on  what I recommend, remind myself and practice:

1. Do what you are most passionate about. And if you are already doing it, then be mindful about those irksome aspects of your work and pour some love into those areas too. That's the way to be most alive at work and at home.

2. Stop thinking about what to do next. What are you doing right now? Just focus on that.

3. Stop feeling guilty about what you did or what you are not able to. Persistent, gnawing guilt is unnecessary, it only perpetuates more of itself. Instead, feel bad if you must and learn from the event in order to move on.

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