Is Wordpress Blogger Infidelity?

One discussion that never fails to pop up on the forums with the regularity of a waking bladder is that of whether it makes sense to switch to Wordpress, self-hosted or free, from any of the other platforms. Today, I was compelled to revisit this discussion, in a closed room, with no escape and no coffee or tea and neither time nor room to smoke. We ended up having a great time as we explored the broader dynamics of journalism in the digital social space. But hey, the coffee.

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As far as infiltrating digital borders and setting the music free, the day is not too far

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Breakfast of Champions: January 18, 2015, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Eight Winds is three months old, just a couple of months behind Devank. And to add to our team of champions, we are conducting a five-day digital marketing training workshop that we forgot to tell you about. It might possibly be over by the time you read this. That is how things are in the realm of digital. Hair today, gone tomorrow. What we are doing is promoting an already existing brick-and-mortar event on social media through the learning we acquire in the workshop.

The event in question is on Sunday afternoon, just after Sankranti, the deadest time of the Indian year for businesses and social media alike. Our challenge is to create a campaign in the shortest time, at the most difficult time (Saturday night and Sunday morning), spend no money, resort to no gimmicks and work towards boosting attendance at the event. The final tasks include collecting data at the event itself, validating and analyzing that data, and then reviewing the outcome of the training and individual strengths and training needs. At the end of it, if you pass the final exam, you get a digital breadcrumb that means nothing and a hard copy of the same. The best acts will have equally pointless offers from Eight Winds waiting for them. 

The nature of the event we are promoting is another challenge. It is a guitar and tabla duo and the setting is a pub where patrons are used to music of another sort. Not exactly the stuff that you see in the city event listings and drool over. But our marketing wizards will find a way to get people to come to listen to this little-known duo on a weekend when most of Hyderabad is out on family or vacation time. Add to that the fact that the event is actually part of a web series, and the potential for viral outcome is immense.

I am excited about the season finale, as winter bids us goodbye. I just hope I have the energy to get back and blog about it before having to whisk myself off to the next workshop on my calendar, with editors of Mashable, TechCrunch, TimesNow, NDTV, and CNN-IBN among others. Talk about dropping names. Talk about people you want to work with. Or don't. Talk. Work. Whatever. 
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