Winds of Change

Two years back, around this time, we launched Blend of Tea. This year, we launch our second enterprise - Eight Winds. My quest for world domination starts with cleaning things up, and this is another step towards building the foundation for tomorrow. 8W is a business solutions company, specializing in digital social marketing. We offer strategy, services, content, consulting and training - the works, including open source e-commerce. We set ourselves up as November set in and executed our first delivery on November 18, 2014. Our very first outing outing was the 4th Hyderabad Bloggers Meet held at Saptaparni on December 7, 2014.

If you are interested in mastering the heart of social media, or are ready to answer difficult questions about why you do what you do, or just need help selling something without breaking the law, do look us up. We are open for business on weekdays at Punjagutta, Hyderabad.

What are Eight Winds? The concept of the “eight winds” is described in several Buddhist works such as The Treatise on the Stage of Buddhahood Sutra. It later shows up in a letter written by Nichiren Daishonin in the 13th century. He advises his followers not to be swayed by their attachment to prosperity, honor, praise, or pleasure (the four favorable winds), or by their aversion to decline, disgrace, censure, or suffering (the four adverse winds).
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