Happy Birthday, Subho!!

For peace in the land, the sender will remain anonymous.


Dear Subho,

I know how you feel about getting things, even if it is an SMS asking after your welfare, so you must be super thrilled to get this - a letter on your birthday - for your blog!! Let me begin by wishing you a very happy 20th birthday (I ex-ed out the numbers on the letter I got before showing to others, so when it was being typed up, it became XX, changed to 20 for stylistic consistency). Age is not just a number, but a many-tongued jealous lover. You learn to live with it. The creaking joints and unidentifiable, uncontrollable aches and twitches, they’ve all been worth it. You might revel in your confusion, even thrust it upon others, but you know you did right. You loved, shared, dreamt, and created what you needed to, some of it prickly, yes, but sleep well you do.

Blend Of Tea Second Anniversary Birthday Cake - Black Forest from Vacs
Nivasini and Blend Of Tea are projects of Nivedita's and mine that were set up on our respective birthdays - a week apart. This gives us good reason to celebrate, up close, loud and in public.
From that hair that won’t listen to your appendix scar that you have so many different (a new one each telling) stories about, I love every bit of you. Especially the silly emotional part of you. Do you remember how much you laughed when the cops at the protests came at you with their canes raised and then cried as the batons came down? Or how you carried the receipt for your daughter’s autopsy report till it became dust in your wallet. Or the whimpering blob of jelly you were in the labor room when your second son was born? Or how you went about encouraging prisoners when you yourself didn't know where you were headed in the hall of justice? Or the way you tear up when listening to the national anthem? You still need to learn to love though. And watch out for open sewers when walking. You enjoy rubbing people the wrong way just to make sure they are human. You set high standards for others, just so that you can take it easy, and then get mad because they don’t let you take it easy. From supporting piracy to fighting for privacy, you do what your heart tells you is correct.

What I admire most about you is how you bend over backwards for stuff that doesn’t bother anyone else. You reach out to people, checking on them, truly caring for their wellbeing, and then get offended when they finally ask – so why did you call? You stay up late to help the kids plan elaborate pranks on the neighbors. Then when they get into trouble, you leave town for the weekend. You love good conversations as long as they are about you. The only thing you love more is a monolog – by you and about you. If there is one thing that I worry about, it is that you have never felt apologetic for your values or morals. If I were you, I would have deleted my Facebook account by now.

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