What Happens Instead: A Guest Post on Micky's Blog

Sometimes, life puts things in perspective. It makes things in the basement crawl and claw their way up the stairs. Some days it makes you feel like Don Quixote, some days like Sancho Panza. Sometimes, it forces you to see that you are simultaneously both and neither.

Eight years back, when this blog began, it was entirely a personal journal. Over the years, it has grown into an exhortation, a call to look within to question ourselves, our choices and decisions. In the process, one of the things that has gradually been let go of is the personal aspect. I have lost a few readers who used to read this blog to stay in touch with what was going on in our lives. But like any human being, I love to talk about myself, sometimes. I must have more than two dozen drafts where I have started writing about my personal journey of the last three years. Somehow, they have all led to my writing another post of the kind that you find here. Of course, all that you find here is personal too, but its not the went to this restaurant, watched this movie, witnessed this injustice, was inspired to write a poem, read this book kind of stuff. I have tried to balance things, but writing has a life of its own, it decides for you. The people I need to apologize to probably no longer visit this blog, so I don’t know how I can make amends.

My week starts on a Sunday. What about yours?
Yours sincerely on a Sunday morning

All is never lost for the self-obsessed, as I recently got an opportunity to write a guest post for a very dear friend, +Micky Fernandez . His blog, Observations and Experiences of an Expat in India is an unusually objective weblog on life in India, crammed with information, facts, numbers, analysis, with a subtle but relevant opinion running through it like a finely cooked dish. I honestly do not know that much about anything. So when I started thinking of a post for him, I had to take on the only thing that I know a little about. Myself.

Do take a look, since he set me free to be who I can no longer be on my own blog.

Read the whole post at Micky's blog>>


  1. Thank you for writing the guest post, and you ought to thank yourself: the post is only three days old, and it is already one of the ten most-popular posts for the past month, and one of the most-commented on at my blog.
    Thank you for praising my blog. I do attempt to be objective, so that I can be of benefit to my readers, but my viewpoints and perspective usually sneak in. I would like to think that it is "objectively personal".

    1. The pleasure was all mine, Micky, and I am so excited that your readers are engaging with the post.


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