Homemade Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter. Apart from its heart healthiness, high vitamins content, and antioxidant properties, I love it because it tastes so good.  I would buy peanut butter for about 300 Rupees for less than 500 grams. Mostly they were brands from US and Europe which were imported and sold in our stores. Over the last couple of years, we have a few desi brands, but at the time of writing, they all import the actual peanut butter, since they do not have manufacturing plants of their own here. I also wondered why peanut butter prices, like that of coffee for example, went up when global peanut prices went up, but did not come down when they did

After watching a Discovery channel documentary on how PB is manufactured, I decided to try making it at home. I looked up the internet and there are dozens of recipes across hundreds of websites. So here is my peanut butter adventure, costs, and lessons learned. I left out the "how to" in the title so that I don't get clubbed on the head for doing yet another "how to" post.

Peanuts – 500 g
Olive Oil – 12 Tbsp (edit: you can significantly step up on this. PB tends to soak it up in time, so don't worry even if it goes runnier than you want.)
Honey – 4 tbsp
Salt to taste


Roast the peanuts till the skin darkens on all sides. 

Remove the skin by rubbing with your hands. If you figure out a better system to do this, let us know in the comments section.

 Remove the hearts from the nuts. These are the squarish piece that lies between the two pieces of the nut. They come off easily but you have to do it one at a time!! They are what turn peanuts bitter. Taste one to find out for yourself. These two steps, removing the skin and the hearts, are the most labor intensive, and an excellent opportunity for the family (especially kids) to bond over!!

Put the cleaned and de-hearted nuts into a blender and process at high speed for 10-12 minutes till it turns into a coarse paste. 

Add a pinch of salt and 6-8 tbsp of oil. Keep processing for 5-6 minutes.

Add 4 tbsp of Honey.  Keep processing for 2-3 minutes

Drizzle in the remaining oil while running the processor.

Keep blending till desired consistency.



Cost: Under 85 rupees for more than 500 g. Peanuts (50-60 rupees), oil (10 rupees), honey (10 rupees). The cheapest store-bought PB sells at 300 rupees for 450 g.

Important tips:

1. We used olive oil because it use it for most purposes, but you can use any mildly flavored vegetable or seed oil. Rice bran, canola and sunflower will all work equally well.

2. Keep a little extra oil handy and check before bottling. Remember that the blending heats up the peanut butter and makes it liquidy. Make sure your final butter is a little liquidy. It will dry out some more as it cools to room temperature.  We didn’t realize this the first time and brought it only up to to butter consistency in the blender. When it cooled in the bottle, it was drier than we would have liked it. We fixed this by adding a few drops of olive oil and mixing it in a bowl.

3. If you are buying roasted salted nuts, you don’t need to add salt, but might want to step up on the honey. Peanuts are naturally slightly salty and sweet. Keep adding small amounts and tasting as you go.

If you enjoyed this post, let us know. But more importantly, try it out, and encourage others to try it out. Document your effort and share it with your friends. The joy of making your own food is priceless, and this can be a first step towards many different things. Looking forward to your comments.


  1. oh wow..That's quite some experiment you have done there. Looks interestting..I didn't know that you don't cook it on stove top :P I never been a peanut butter fan though..My son loves it. We stopped getting it for the amount of fat content in it.

    1. Thanks, FIF. Interestingly, the fat in peanut butter is good fat, and it tends to take time to digest, so you actually end up feeling fuller for a longer time.

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I usually wrap the roasted peanuts in a kitchen towel and rub vigorously. The darkened skin comes off easier... and usually the heart comes off too. Sometimes I even use the rolling pin over the kitchen towel... but that also breaks the roasted nut.

    I will make a small batch for trial. I don't like the honey though. Can I leave it out?

    Thank you for this.


    1. The honey can be left out, but the peanuts by themselves do not have the sweetness we associate with PB. Thanks for the kitchen towel tip.

  3. Hey I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check this link to know more about it.


    and don't forget to reply me.

  4. Very interesting. In my family only my dog and me love it. I would love to try it once you allow me into your home :-)

    1. Animals seem to instinctively know what is good for them. Apologies for the delayed reply to your comment. I should have kept the jar hidden when you visited us.

  5. I love peanut butter too and your homemade version does look mouthwatering

  6. Great recipe and stepwise tips. My kids haven't shown inclination towards peanut butter till now surprisingly. Maybe, I will make a small batch and try to entice them :). I am completely with you on making your own food. I am experimenting with pickles and a lot of stuff including burgers and pizzas that I enjoy making at home.

    1. Thanks, Rachna. I had to revise the recipe, since after a few days, the PB turned out drier than I would have liked. You can step up on the amount of oil you use significantly. If you are using EVOL, you don't have to worry even if it turns out liquidy, the PB soaks it up in time.


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