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The growing chill in the air makes it imperative to think back on the year going by. Those who follow this blog regularly will have recognized some of the changes that have shown up in my writing. I am increasingly being compelled to reflect on purpose, not only at a personal level but as a people too. I have been reflecting and questioning the premises of readership and promotion. Where these new directions will take this blog is for time to tell. I am happy with where I am and excited about where I am headed. Anyway, that is not what I have in mind for this post. This post is to celebrate my friends!

Bloggers' Breakfast in Honor of blogger Satish Raghav Peri's Hyderabad Marathon Run
Bloggers' breakfast organized by blogger-entrepreneur Laxman Papineni
The very first bloggers' meet in Hyderabad

Profound discussions from the first Hyderabad Bloggers' Meet

The Poetry Group that was a spin off from the blogging group

The second Hyderabad Bloggers' Meet

One of the loveliest experiences of this year was the gifts I got from fellow bloggers in the form of guest posts. While some were from people I have known for years, others were from friends I had made recently. Receiving these gifts made me realize how writing and blogging had made me a part of a larger community. As the year comes to a close, I thought I would share some of them with you, just in case you missed them earlier. Here are the finest guest posts on Subho's Jejune Diet.

Aarathi Selvan wrote about the power of gratitude in finding comfort during difficult times in this lovely post called 5 Ways to Practice Gratitude in an Insane World.

The bright and bubbly novelist in the making Shankari Sundaram wrote about the importance of Making Way For The New.

Srini Chandra, one of the finest satirists of our time, listed out 10 Things You Need To Know About Twitter

The very amusing Purba Ray wrote about the strange norms of Indian roads in Horn Sutra: The Orgasmic Frenzy of India Traffic

Bhavana Nissima, a dear friend, philosopher and guide shared her views on Dialog: The Starting Point, The Common Ground

Rickie Khosla, the rockstar of Gurgaon, shared a lost draft of Pride and Prejudice in How Tea Got Its Name. Seriously!

Expat Micky Fernandez wrote about the value of contentment in Nothing Lacking, The World Is Yours

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  1. Ah, lovely to see all those pictures and nice to feel the camaraderie among blogger friends. Raghav is truly an inspirational soul and have loved all my interactions with him. I remember each one of those Guest Posts, each fantastic in their own way. And it just reminds of my own commitment which should fructify before this year ends for sure.


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