Festive Greetings

Festive Greetings to All Readers of Subho's Jejune Diet !! 

Photograph by Pattu Raj


  1. thanks for the visually elevating greetings. when we were small we used to go to a place called Simultala where one of my mama's had a lovely housy with a sprawling garden where there were such lovely multicoloured butterflies. and so many too and we ran after them and even caught them between our fingers .It is amazing that in the heart of a bustling city such a lovely butterfly is peacefully sipping honey from the cosmos which has strangely bloomed before time . You have brought back alot of childhood memories.It was a treat.

  2. Subhorup thanks a lot for dropping in...
    got bla bla spree after a long gap... and now happily bla-blaing! it's not old, recent one only... old bla blas used to be better i guess :)
    About this photo I'm dying to ask you why didn't you crop to improve the composition? :-)

    1. Thanks, Anunoy. The image was a gift from a friend, so I did not tamper with it in any way.

    2. Oh then it's perfectly OKey :)


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