The Power of Helping Others

The power of helping others is one that is constantly overlooked. While we try to find instant gratification through purchasing the newest trending items or maintaining a highbrow lifestyle, we rarely come away fulfilled. In fact, sometimes we come away more empty than before.

To truly fill our lives we need not go any farther than reaching out and helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is through helping others that we can come into our own emotionally and spiritually. Helping others can act as:

1. A natural anti-depressant
Anytime you start to feel depressed, go volunteer somewhere. The sheer act of helping those who are less fortunate than you is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes when you know that you’ve done something good for someone else, and that through your actions you’ve helped brighten their day. Skip turning to a pill and try getting a natural high from the spirit of volunteerism.

2. A reality check
If you think your life is in shambles simply because things aren’t falling into place the way you thought they would or because you don’t own the most recent piece of technology, clothes, or cars, then try volunteering somewhere with those less fortunate. It’s a good reality check that there are people out there who are actually suffering, and that suffering extends much farther than our petty grievances.

3. Karma
The next time you see someone struggling – maybe it’s a young mom who needs a friendly face to open a door, or someone drops something on the floor and it spills everywhere – give them a hand. You’ll feel good about helping them out and hopefully it will inspire them to help out the next time they see someone in need. What goes around will eventually come back around, and you may find yourself smiling at a stranger lending a helping hand to you soon enough.

4. A sense of accomplishment
When you selflessly do something for someone else you will almost instantly feel better about yourself for performing that action. That boost in self confidence is great for our mental state because it gives us a feeling of pride, and that can help you view life in a more positive light.

5. A stress reliever
The simple act of giving to others, whether it’s your time, money, or even something as simple as just lending a listening ear not only boosts our mood but it also helps to release any stresses we’ve been holding onto. All of those good emotions help rid your body of the bad ones.

The benefit of helping others does wonders for our moods and outlook on life because our personal success is rarely defined solely by what we do, but more by what we do through others, what others have done for us, and what we can do with others. By simply giving a helping hand we have the ability to unlock a wealth of positivity, both for ourselves and for others.


This is a guest post by Christine Kane, a follower of Subho's Jejune Diet and a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She works as a writer for an  internet service but enjoys writing on a wide variety of subject for different blogs. She can be reached


  1. Excellent points, Subho! For me helping others keeps me grounded and going and keeps me happy and hopeful. I read somewhere that it is called biosocial therapy. In a sense, helping others is a way to help yourself!!! Great post and a very useful. Am bookmarking it for future use!

  2. great insights....I think the way to be happy is to make others happy.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great weekend!

  3. Hey Subho..

    Thats such a lovely article. How you doing and howz blogging coming along?

  4. Hi Subhorup..stopped by your blog for d first time..and its fantastic..
    keep up d great writing...:)

  5. All the points are absolutely right

  6. This is very true for those following it as a religion, entire life.
    I think, once you chart your life course on this path, you can't get out of it.

    The circle you move in, recognizes this strength , and gives you more and more opportunities to continue.

    The last paragraph is so true.

  7. A very nice post indeed, Subho, a great read! Thanks!

  8. Well thought out and well narrated Subhorup

  9. great post-i totally agree with you.

  10. This is a BEAUTIFUL post...So ture!

  11. conceptual and wonderful narration!
    keeping our self away from stress is the reason of the happiness for those who are around us ...
    so i believe in the same --
    Keep Smiling , ditch the stress,be the helping hands and make others delightful with you :)

  12. Very Insightful post! I never thought about it in a way of how will helping others help me indirectly too. Yeah! its true that once done with helping it deep down gives you a warm feeling but I guess until I read this, I hadn't realized the fact at all. :)

  13. Nice post Subho, good insight. We can live happily only if make others happy. We get what we give. Enjoyed reading . . .

    Ashwini Dey

  14. Hey superb blog..visited fr first time..enjoyed it!

  15. Hi Subhorup...excellent post from you...and the points you have mention are very true...I think by helping others we make ourself happy actually...and one more thing Subhorup.....thank you so much for your lovely comment on my post..and really whnevr I write something I always wait for comments from such a wonderful person like you.Thank you so much once again:):)

  16. Well Said. It would do more good for us, than for the one for whom we have volunteered to help. Reality Check and Stress Reliever Indeed!

  17. life is a gift that the humblest may boast of,

    life is a gift that the humblest may make most of...

    one should enjoy life as a gift to pass on to others by helping them in every sense possible!!!

    very well written !

  18. I have enjoyed reading your site so I've nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award for illuminating, informative blog content. You can check out the details at my site ... ... Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend!


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