How to take DSLR-like photos with a compact camera

A lot of newcomers to photography are not able to afford high end equipment, and often suffer from the delusion that good photographs can only come from expensive equipment. Is it possible for someone with a basic compact camera to take professional looking photographs? I believe it is, and have tried to put together some ways that you can maximize your compact camera experience.

The technological advances in digital photography equipment does indeed make it possible for you to take professional looking pictures with ease. By letting the on-board algorithms work out the best settings, you can free your mind to concentrate on subject and composition. However, if you take a walk down the creative photographers’ hall of fame, you will find that some of the most groundbreaking examples of photography have not depended on high end digital wizardry. As a matter of fact, most of the world’s most famous photos and photographers date back to the wet film era.

The man who taught me the basics of photography - my father (seen here holding a Kodak KB-10, one of the finest point-and-shoot wet-film cameras ever that sold for under 1000 rupees in the last days).

With the new generation of compacts putting their feet in the DSLR door both in terms of features and intelligence, it is not impossible to get professional looking photos with them. Most of these DSLR wannabes, though, are priced exorbitantly for a compact, and have just launched in the market in the last several months. Chances are that your compact is not as powerful or feature-packed as the new kids on the block. Here are some ways that you can use your point-and-shoot compact to get professional looking pics.
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