My All New Improved Alexa Rank!!

Subho's Jejune Diet is now among the 10,000 most popular websites in the world, and is ranked as 184th most popular website in India. My global Alexa rank has just hit the 9,990 level!!

Ok, ok, jokes aside, - this is neither the truth nor a photoshop tweak. Neither is this validation of the widespread allegation that most Alexa ranking stats are manipulated. The recent country specific URL redirect introduced by Google and Blogger has resulted in new URLs for all blogspot blogs that are generated depending on where the page is being viewed from. This has led to some amount of confusion and trouble, but this one made my day.

Alexa does not really have stats for my .in page, but it recognizes as a page and has a number for it. Till a few days back, it was displaying this report for, but today I found it has recognized the blog, but is still displaying the earlier stat for the top level page. So this is what my current Alexa rank looks like. In reality it is at the 350,000 mark and slipping ever since this redirect has started. Thought of sharing this screenshot to bring a smile to your face. In these times of evolving norms for censorship, freedom of speech and disappearance of the right to privacy, anything that can do that is welcome.

And just to set the record straight, since I don't want some stuck up government official to find this content inappropriate (darn, my entire existence is a condemnation of the way those in power have exploited the people and is nothing if not inappropriate by their standards) and censor it now that the tools are in place, here is the screenshot of SJDs real Alexa stats. Have a nice weekend!

Update (February 7, 2012): From the last two days, Alexa has started picking up a rank for, but it is back in the 5 millions range, just a shade better than where I started out. My rank for the .com side continues to slide, as it is now registering traffic only when visited from the US. A piece of good news though is that the February 6, 2012 Google Pagerank Update recognizes the .in domain and gives it the same pagerank as the .com domain, which in the case of Subho's Jejune Diet remains at 2.

Update (November 2, 2012): My Alexa rank for the .com page has finally improved and now lies in the low 300K level. 


  1. haha :D I checked mine too and got the same results :D

    Exact same :D

  2. Good one. :) you are right.. too much of censorship and other stuff going on. Liked the sarcasm about the Govt official too. ;)

  3. Ha ha....I think the only thing that matters is how many human beings actually read the blog. I remember in my early blogging days I use to wonder who in Mountain view california is my regular reader... Only to realize later it is the Google bot :)

  4. I think what should matter is how many human beings visit the site... I remember in my early blogging days I use to wonder who my reader in Mountain view California is?


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