Fifty Years of Togetherness

One lighthouse illuminates the way for many ships to steer a course safely through uncertain waters.

The greatest gift one receives is the gift of life, for which I am eternally indebted to my parents, but there is a gift that I received that was even greater than life, a gift that has made me who I am today. That is the gift of upbringing.

My parents taught me that anything was possible in the realm of the mystic, that one’s dreams defined the limits of one’s abilities, and that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing well.

My parents introduced me to greatness in all fields of human endeavor, art, music, literature, science, political theory, and spirituality, and then taught me to be humbly uplifted in the presence of such greatness.

My parents taught me that God was something that I had to discover for myself, and that NOTHING was more sacred than humanism.

Manju and Surajit Dasgupta, my parents, complete 50 years of married life today, February 28, 2012. Here's wishing them a momentous anniversary and eternal happiness and togetherness!

(Here is a link to mom's Facebook page for those who may be interested.)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

This is a post that touches on music, technology, people’s movements, loss of memories, and memories of loss. Readers are requested to forgive me for attempting to straddle all of these in one post, there is no way I can help it today.

“Remembering things about a person is an expression of compassion and concern. Forgetfulness shows a lack of compassion, a lack of responsibility.” These words by Daisaku Ikeda started my day as I settled in with my tea to watch the live telecast of the 54th Grammy Awards. I was looking forward to the show for the Beach Boys reunion and the Paul McCartney performance. However, the run up to the show saw the death of Whitney Houston and the awards ceremony was a proof of how the show can go on without compromising on compassion and concern. With presenters and and performers alike making it a point to honor those who are not among us today at a show that is precisely planned and televised live, it is a living testimony to what the arts and technology can do together.

The Secret Secret

Have you ever wondered what makes some people successful and happy while others languish and struggle to even get by? How do some people make it to top positions and earn lots of money, while others seem to be destined to serve under them? Why does “luck” seem to favor some and overlook others?

In this post, I will share with you the “secret” secret of success. After reading this post, you will be able to apply this secret and find yourself among the “super-achievers” and celebrities that you have always looked up to.

Since this is neither a product review nor an advertisement, I will tell you the secret right away, and then tell you how you can go about applying this secret in your life to become more popular, earn more money, attract the right partner, succeed at your job, and find the meaning of life. Research shows that after you apply this secret principle, your blog traffic will increase tenfold, you will also be able to take better photographs, lose as much weight as you desire, and cross the roads in Hyderabad quickly and easily.

Future Imperfect: The HSBC Global Research Report

We are a funny people. We top the academic charts the world over while a large number of children in our backyards either die as infants or have to go to work as child labor before they can think of going to school. We are the leading destination for medical tourism, yet our public health system lies in tatters with basic healthcare a distant dream for the less privileged. We have the Mayawati's, the Mamata's and the Jayalalitha's yet we need a reservation bill for women and wake up to crimes against women every morning. We have embraced the true meaning of Islam, of Buddhism, of Hinduism and of Christianity, yet our vote banks are divided along religious grounds. We seem to be very pleased with ourselves as a nation without reflecting on the rot that we sweep under the carpet. Dr. Ramesh Grandhi, in this article, looks at issues facing us as the emerging superpower of the immediate future.

It has been long forecast that India would occupy one of the top five places in the world based on GDP. The HSBC Global research report bears this out, and yes it is indeed a matter of some pride that we will be in the third place by the year 2050 with just China and the US ahead of us.  Newspapers are blaring the fact that our economy will be the third biggest, but if we go past the headlines, we see not a very rosy picture.  Corrective measures are the need of the hour, but will our government which seems more intent on fighting Mamata and Anna have the political fortitude to address this long term issue? Plans will need to be made now and not a decade or so into the future.

Studying the figures I was reminded of an advertisement that had brought a smile to my face sometime ago—a kid comes running home declaring proudly—“Mom, I came third in a race at school. The proud mother beams, but the canny father asks “How many students participated my boy?” The answer “Just three of us”.  This time the kid wasn’t looking all that pleased with himself.

The report portrays a very similar picture, China will be on top with a GDP of 24.6 trillion dollars (trillion=1000 billion), the US will be second with 22.2 trillions and India is third but at a measly 8.2 trillions.  If you look at the per capita figures, the comparison is so skewed that you will end up being dismayed. China’s per capita incomes are almost 4 times ours and America’s more than 11 times.

My All New Improved Alexa Rank!!

Subho's Jejune Diet is now among the 10,000 most popular websites in the world, and is ranked as 184th most popular website in India. My global Alexa rank has just hit the 9,990 level!!

Ok, ok, jokes aside, - this is neither the truth nor a photoshop tweak. Neither is this validation of the widespread allegation that most Alexa ranking stats are manipulated. The recent country specific URL redirect introduced by Google and Blogger has resulted in new URLs for all blogspot blogs that are generated depending on where the page is being viewed from. This has led to some amount of confusion and trouble, but this one made my day.
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