My First Blog Award: And The Award Goes To

It was a pleasant surprise to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Rahul of Cognitive Amalgamation last week. This is the first time I have received anything like this so, quite naturally, I am even more not all there.

When one receives this viral peer review kind of award, this is what one is expected to do with it

1. Add a picture of the award in your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.

Today’s special on my learning disability menu is following instructions. If I were to be reading this post, the first thing I would have wanted to see is whether my blog is on the list. So without taxing your patience any further, the last task first. And this list comes with my personal assurance that these are some of the finest and most versatile bloggers out there, and it would be well worth your time to check each of these blogs out.

A five, six, seven, eight. The award goes on to

Aarathi of Between Life’s Doings. A blog that touches on universal values and morality seen through the eyes of a spiritual seeker, mother, and homemaker. Each of her posts leaves you filled with gratitude for the vastness that lies within each of us.

Akshay of Indian Polity Today. A relatively new blog by a budding blogger. Kind of niche in that it deals with Indian Politics, but delve in and you will find that it is really an accurate and honest reflection of the emerging generation’s dissatisfaction with the present erosion of values in public life.

Amropali of Two People. A blog that does not get updated as frequently as one would like it to, but captures the creative spirit of this in-your-face blogger-poet designer as she journeys towards her true self.

Christy of My Kitchen Flavors-Bon Appetit. A blog that is as niche as niche can get, but on my list for the sheer range of recipes, cuisines, innovations, and cooking techniques in it.

Deekay of I See, I Feel, I Blog. One of my first early readers and fellow blogger, and one to whom I am extremely grateful for the love, support and feedback. The original Mogwai to what all bloggers turn into, this blog too deserves more frequent updates. This heart-felt blog is more of a personal record of the blogger’s journey and creative expression, and it will bring a smile to your face as you bask in its simplicity.

Harsha of The Leo. Harsha’s other blog, Critic Leo, is an immensely popular film review blog, but the personal blog of this emerging blogger is very interesting too. It is a privilege to get an inside glimpse into the search for social relevance of this fun-loving thinker.

Satish of I, Me, & Myself. This psychologist, physicist, pixie and philosopher who finds life and magic in content management systems, has been the source of many an amazing discovery for me in my journey towards the truth. When I ask this blogger why the blog is not updated frequently, I am told it is because it is hard to create content that can stand the test of time.

SB of One Cent at a Time. I came across OCAAT and thought it was nothing outside a personal finance blog. Time and exploration proved otherwise, as I discovered nuggets of true “wealth” stashed away in this blog.

Shubhomoy of Shubho’s Posterous. A terribly poorly tended to blog (especially given that this is from one of the nation’s foremost experts in social media marketing) by a mind so twisted that it almost looks spectacular.

Sowmya of My Space. In a crowd of mindless chatter, this blog really stands out for being solidly rooted in values, courageous in voicing its opinion, and proud of its origins.

Sujatha of Conversations. A triumph of self-searching and determination, this blog is honest and outspoken, and also very very popular judging from the number of times it has been featured on Versatile Blogger Award posts. Figures in my list mainly to trigger a rewrite of the post that was originally written for earlier editions of this award-meme.

Surabhi of Womanatics. Niche in the fact that it is women-centric, but also contains a host of superbly written, gender-neutral, wonderful posts that are useful to all. One of the first people to actively help me out with suggestions and feedback.

SVS of Knowledge Sharing. Very popular and very simple. This blog puts out all sorts of information from a rich variety of sources, without too much of opinion or self promotion, and the sheer breadth and sometimes the depth of information put out is enough for it to be on my list. SVS’s genuineness and commitment (time and effort and research) to sharing empowerment with the readers of this blog is amazing.

Tan of Elusive 42, Wownder, and Sidekick. Extremely competent writing on travel, science (allegedly for children but equally fascinating to the adult in me) and technology. His detailed travelogues can make you want to leave that cup of coffee undrunk and catch the next boat out.

Tomichan of Matheikal’s Blog. An incisive look at the crossroads of politics, religion, education and social engineering, this blog brings up difficult truths and presents them in an objective manner in order to let the reader come to his own conclusions. Very relevant, very focused, and often very disturbing.

Vyanks of A Moment Please. An absolute pleasure to read, this unpredictable blog really covers a huge range of topics, and does it with style and wit.

I am going to let each of them know that I have sent the award their way though my guess is they will check this post out before I get down to doing that. A word, though, about how I came up with this list after a quick message from our sponsors, and task three next, seven random facts about me. Chai ke liye jaise toast hota hai …

This turned out to be a lesser task than I thought it would be, since all I had to do was let my vanity drive my car and ask embarrassment to sit inthe back for a while. I also wanted the list to be truly random, yet not just a random list for the sake of a random list. Here are seven not so random facts about me

One. I get teary when I watch films or TV shows that showcase the human spirit of overcoming obstacles. This happens a lot and is terribly embarrassing.

Two. I have burned a book once. It was a hugely cathartic experience.

Three. I am a selfish musician who uses his musical abilities only as a barometer for his life state. My friends and family are extremely grateful for it.

Not only you and me. I know that Monty Python and Mad Magazine can teach one more about living than new age self help gurus or expert courses in morality or life skills.

Take Five. In spite of my dislike of the genre of music and the lifestyle that Michael Jackson pursued, I think he ranks right up there with the master of the performing arts.

Six. I do not know how to explain what I write almost as often as I do not understand what I have written. This has not led to any urge to rewrite or edit what I write.

Seven. If I had to choose one musical track that I like the most, it would be Pursuance from Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.

End of commercial break (an ad for me). We would like to let you know that this list rewards the most versatile bloggers known to me as determined by some of my myriad selves who first voted using secret ballot, but then broke in while tabulation and auditing was being done by the famed hip-hop band, The Ministry of Education. Since there were only 15 contenders for the 15 awards after truly following the Election Commission’s guidelines, the only hitch was the order, which was resolved by going alphabetical!

For those who are still on this page, I thought it relevant to share my struggle when I started looking out for 15 people that this award should go to. Several really good blogs were eliminated by the very nature of the award, versatility, so several niche blogs focused on a single topic kind of fell through. So did aggregator type of blogs, some of which are pretty high on my list of favorites. And then of course, there are bloggers who stick notices that say something to the effect of “Blog Awards, Please Excuse,” as if one were pimping a backlink or perhaps just about to ask for dowry. I canimagine that these acts of endorsement of each other’s work may become a drag for insanely popular bloggers, but for me, this is a first, and I know I will never forget how it is making me feel. Most of the truly versatile bloggers on my list already have this award tucked away in their archives. A few that don’t couldn’t be bothered. I hope it will be meaningful to the rest. The only personal filter I have used is that all the entries on this list are Indian Bloggers.

I decided to keep my obsessive-compulsive self aside for a while and list the ones out that I believe are truly deserving of this title, regardless of what they thought of it or even if they thought about it at all. All the blogs on this list are blogs that have directly contributed to my growth as a blogger, as a writer, as a student, and as a person. I am truly grateful for the presence, real and virtual, of these people in my life. All the bloggers on this list are truly versatile, in their writing and in the topics they write on, including the couple of niche blogs out there.

Now on to task two, thanking the person who sent this my way...

Thanks,Rahul! It is indeed an honor for one’s work to be recognized by fellow bloggers. I would like to thank all leaders of corporations, governments, financial institutions and religions for giving me a reason to start blogging. Thanks to all my readers for giving me enough reason to keep at it. Thanks also to Renie Ravin for creating the networking platform of Indian Bloggers, Indiblogger, through which I have found friends I never knew I had. End of acceptance speech.

And finally, here is the image for the award. If you are a recipient, you can copy this image and use it on your post. I also stuck a picture before the jump so that it shows up for people who only visit my homepage and then run away. Thanks to all of you for your love.


  1. Congrats!:) And thank you so much for those kind words about me!:) Feels good to know that somewhere, someone indeed appreciates and loves the posts I write!:) Thanks a TON!:) Happy Blogging!:)

  2. Anonymous3:03 AM

    came here from Sujatha's post :D

    never visited most of these blogs on ur list, it ll be great fun going through these blogs.

    and congrats, ur blog truely rocks.

  3. Subhorup, I'm immensely obliged for honouring me this way. Actually I feel obliged not for the award but for the fact you recognised me, the fact that you value my writing.

  4. Subho, you are the first one to remember Renie Ravin :)

    nice to know about you as a person. wondering what book it was & about the tears bit - somehow it didn't surprise me as much

    thank you for the mention

  5. Heartiest congrats--a well deserved award...& thanx for introducing us to good quality blogs.

  6. Subhorup thank you very much for the acknowledgement. I feel honored. I will definitely post this badge on one of the blog posts and mention your blog. Thanks a lot!

  7. Congratulations! :) This is the first acknowledgement I received and thanks indeed for the honor, sir. It was really good to know about you. Even I get tears while watching portrayal of human struggles.

    Thank you, once again! :)

  8. congrats on the award ..
    I liked all ur points but the first one is what i do too..

    Good to know a lot of versatile bloggers and thanks for introducing them will check them up.

    All the best

  9. Subho: you absolutely deserve this award, a truly versatile blog this! And thank you so much for mentioning me too,yay ! it absolutely means a lot to me. I do like how I sound through your eyes. Can't wait to do a post like this now :-)

  10. Congratulations Subho, it is great when your accomplishments are acknowledged by your peers. Don't rest on your laurels though, there is still some way to go for you and your blog. Making the top 100 is decent, but you are more than capable of breaching the top 10! Here is hoping and wishing that you will be amongst the very best of Indian bloggers by this year end. Congrats again, I agree with Between Life's doings--you do absolutely deserve this recognition.

  11. Congos Subho.. you truly deserve it and thanks a lot for choosing my blog. :)

  12. Thanks Subhorup for the honor. That was very encouraging. It's good to discover many great blogs through this award. And congratulations to you too!

  13. this is great !! How does it feel now? Does it inspires you to blog more and more ?

  14. awesome...

  15. Congratulations Subho...a well-deserved award comes your way. Thanks for an intro to other bloggers who are exceptional bloggers like you...keep writing, keep writing.

  16. Congrats for the award and most importantly for keeping a consistently high-quality posts. Keep blogging mate.

  17. congrats first off and im new to ur blog. loving it already!


  18. Congrats . words fail me ! I have had enriching and insightful learning experiences from your blog posts . You are bound to go far love you ma

  19. Many many Congratulation.

  20. @Sandeep, Shantha, EditorsChoice and Mom - Thanks for being such wonderful people who have stood by me through the craziest of times.

  21. @Soumya - Your posts about how you feel about things around you have reaffirmed the hope in me that there is a future. We need more people like you to stand up for what they believe in, and I know that they will emerge. You are validation of my faith.

  22. @factsandnonsense - Deb, your whacky blog posts have made me smile on many a day when nothing else could. Thanks for your kind words.

    @indu - Thanks. From what I read in your blog, I know you will enjoy every single one of the blogs on this list. Each one of them is designed to thrill the thinking person.

  23. @matheikal - sir, what you write in your blog needs to be read and applied by more and more people in these value eroded times of ours.

    @sujatha - will be waiting for your VBA post!

    @SB - you might not know it, but I have learned quite a bit about blogging just from studying what you do on your blog.

  24. @harsha - the future belongs to people like you, who are brave enough to choose what they want to do, even if the world stands against them! The future looks to you with a lot of hope and expectations.

  25. @Bikramjit, Amit, Raphael and Rupam - Thanks a lot. It feels great to be recognized, even if in a chain letter sort of way, and I am glad for the opportunity of passing this on to some of the finest minds in the blogosphere. Thanks for your encouragement and for helping me discover your blogs too.

  26. @Sujatha - it was a textbook of a subject I was unfortunate to not have been able to appreciate while in school. i burned it the day I appeared for my board exams thinking that this subject will never come into my life ever again. It felt so good... no wonder it is not advised.

    @surabhi - you have shown me how important it is to help and encourage others. Thanks for being there.

    @aarathi - what can i say? :)

  27. Congratulations on the award Subhorup. You truly deserve it. I came across your blog only recently but really admire your knowledge and great analytical skills. :)

  28. Subho, I'm honored with your kind words and being placed in the group with your dear Mom! Crazy times or not, I guess I knew who I was standing by - if only others would take the time to see what was hidden!

  29. Congratulations. I liked the humility in making others part of the award. Also, your expression is humorous (not funny) and conveys things in a most delightful manner. Many more awards to you

  30. Hearty Congratulations!

  31. Hearty Congrats on Ur Award Mr.DasGupta!.Thanks for sharing it with me and Ur Yumm-remarks abt my Blog.Sorry to reply late and thanks again.

  32. Hearty Cograts! I also thank to say a few nice words about my blog.

    With Best wishes

  33. hey congrats bro...

    awesome post indeed.

    you burned a book..woow hard to imagine... :P

    even i like MJ .. he is the ultimate supreme thing of music.

    subscribed to your blogs today !


  34. Wow man! what a great amount of careful and patient homework you must have done to be true to this post Subhorup! And it reflects from the comments of those who found mention.
    Thanks for providing lots of interesting blogs and bloggers --


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