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A lot of people come to this blog from food and diet related web searches, thanks to the name of this blog! My guess is that at least a few of them do not go back disappointed - for two reasons. 1) They like the non-food related stuff they see here. 2) There are quite a few yummy food posts tucked away in the archives of this blog.

I am a foodie in every sense of the word, a gourmet and a gourmand rolled into one. One of the reservations I had in my early experiments with frugality was that I might end up having to compromise on my love for fine food. However, with time, I discovered that frugality and food share a special relationship. By choosing frugal eating options, one can build a diet that is healthier, tastier, and more ethical than most of what goes by the name of food in fine dining establishments. Ever since I read Michael Pollan's writing, I have endeavored to elevate my understanding and consumption of food. Frugality added the necessary tempering to my efforts.

Read more at my guest post at Pick The Brain on The Frugal Way to a Healthier Diet. Do let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to share it on your networks if you like it.

Read the whole post on The Frugal Way to a Healthier Diet>>.


  1. hehe nice post CHEF :) :)

  2. i nodded my head to the Home Cooking Only para. since i took a sabbatical from work, for past 2 years, it has been so - home cooking only :) & we are so used to it now that the temptation to eat out has gone down considerably. Earlier "i m tired' 'its too late' was a common excuse to eat out or order in.
    good article Subhorup

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    yes initially even i thought urs is a foodblog but yup its good to have a blog with sachin on the right and shah rukh on the left with some food in between :D. brilliant post as always.

  4. I am not that foodie, I and cooking can't stand in same room. Lol, So I never try browsing any kinda food site, but yours look nice. :)

  5. Nice post. You have all kinda posts on your blog. I ain't that foodie kinda person but still I love to go through such posts :-)

  6. I dont know about the others who stumble upon your blog but I came here just due to the foodie part.
    Liked the entry :)


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