How to Use Guest Blogging to Generate High Quality Backlinks

Guest blogging has emerged as the most powerful tool for driving readership and traffic in the recent years. In many instance, backlinks from guest posts have shown better results than other blog promotion tools. To a great extent, this has to do with the evolving nature of the blogosphere. With growing numbers of people choosing to use this medium as their preferred communication tool, whether it be for a social cause, business marketing or just altruism, the parameters used by readers to adopt or discard new content has also been evolving. Readers are becoming more discerning, and quicker to look past SEO and other tricks used to attract eyeballs and clicks.

A quick look at what guest blogging is all about for those who might not be familiar with the concept. Many bloggers and blogs offer others a way to use their platform to showcase their blogging abilities in the form of a guest post. This helps both the host and the guest in various ways. The host benefits from having good content and promotion taken care of by the guest. The guest benefits from having access to the larger readership of the guest, and the endorsement of his writing by the more reputed blog or blogger. Most blogs will have a link that will help you familiarize yourself with the guest blogging protocols for that particular blog.

Here are some expert tips that will help you use the guest blogging technique to build high quality backlinks.

1. Target the best in your niche
Many bloggers make the mistake of sending out guest posts to all and sundry, including blogs that do not have a large readership or a solid reputation. This results in the entire time and energy spent in creating that post being wasted. Focus on the best blogs in your niche. Even if they do not have a guest blogging protocol in place, you can always link to them in your blog posts. If you are generating traffic, the blogger will notice, and if your content stands out, he will either reciprocate by linking back, or offer to showcase your content on his blog.

2. Target the best outside your niche
Chance are that as a blogger, you will often feel the urge to create A grade content that is not connected with your niche. Do not let these inspirational moments pass you by. Write these posts down and submit them as guest posts to blogs that are focused on that subject. This way, you will be able to generate unique readership from across genres and niches. In addition, you will be sharpening your skills as a blogger and building your reputation in a niche that might have never come to know about you otherwise.

3. Go slow on the self promotion
Most guest posts get rejected simply because they come across as blatant self promotion. Refrain from linking heavily back to your own pages. Keep your focus on what the reader of the host blog would be interested in. If possible, link to pages of the host blog. Many blogs specify their linking policy for guest posts in their guidelines. Follow it strictly. Your objective is to be a good guest. Don’t wear out your welcome.

4. Polish your byline
The author bio should be your primary tool for generating quality backlinks. Craft it with love and precision. You may want to build it around keywords for your niche instead of just adding a “click here to read more” link. An attractive bio can result in a great deal of new visitors. This is really the free advertising that your guest post gets you. Make the most of it by writing an irresistible byline that will compel your reader to visit your blog to see how you play on your home ground.

With these basic tips in your guest blogging toolkit, you can go about generating best in class content, and see it being featured in best in class blogs, and sit back and let the best in class backlinks do their magic for your blog in terms of traffic and subscriptions.


  1. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Excellent post sir. very useful tips for people like us who just started blogging and have no clue how it works. by the way don't know whether i m qualified enough to post a comment here, did i just post a comment where i m not supposed to? hahaha

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Debajyoti.

    I have been posting on this blog for years without knowing ANYTHING about the world of blogging. It is only recently that I started spending more time on this, and began to study "how it works." So we are all travelers on the same road; some have gone a little ahead, while others are a little behind, the road is still the same. I sometimes feel exactly how you do when I comment on many blogs. :)

    Glad that you found the post useful. I follow your blog with a lot of interest, and I find your writing style and your humor very endearing. Do keep writing.

  3. Anonymous6:16 AM

    thank you so much sir

  4. very useful post. lots of info

  5. Hi Subhorup--I stopped by to say thanks for commenting on my post on Geeks4Share.

    Nice post! I love seeing what other bloggers have to say about guest summed it up really well:)

    I love your answer to Debajyoth as the early years of writing online, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing...with time, research, and experience, we slowly trudge along that road you mentioned...I'm glad I have finally picked up some speed:)

    1. Denise, Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I have so much to learn from your work. I hope you will keep coming back to see how I shape up. It will be an honor.

  6. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Helpful for those who are newbies and also, want to make blogging their profession.

  7. Great to read this. The idea of blogging is to share knowledge and experiences. What better way than have guest blogs which could enhance the content of your blogs? As usual, your insight into the topic is pretty informative.

  8. nice post

    guest post is a new thing for me
    thanks for sharing this


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