Shah Rukh Khan's Hangout on Google Plus

Woke up this morning to double sided full page ads about Shah Rukh Khan taking Google's pretty impressive multi-user video chat client Hangout for a spin. Nowhere in the ad does it mention that only up to 10 people can be on a Hangout video chat at any given time. Much later in the day, Shah Rukh's Google Plus page updates that they are trying to find a way to stick a live feed of the chat on his Google Plus page, and that it looks like he will be able to "hang out" only with some. The last few days have been very trying as SRK is everywhere you turn, promoting his new movie.

For those of you who may have been wondering what happened to the nifty feed that Google introduced with Google Plus called Sparks, - well, it has been taken off the sidebar menu and only shows up when you do a search using the search box on top of Google Plus. The search results are sorted by tabs into Everything, People, Google Plus Posts, and Sparks. Go figure.

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