Three Tips for Successful Blogging

Many of you who have been visiting this blog for a long time may have noticed some changes. The ads have been cleaned out and the few that are there have been pushed to the bottom. There is a "search this blog" widget to help find things. The "personal rant" posts have reduced. "How to" posts have increased. There are fewer links in the body of the posts, et cetera. Some of you may have noticed that everything I am doing on this blog (or on other blogs) is no longer being promoted as aggressively any more in other social media.

What you will not have noticed is the rather amazing growth in traffic over the last several months. And this has happened without a significant change to the new visitor versus returning visitor ratio. I am not a big fan of stats and ranking, but they do decide how others view your writing. How others view your blog determines the rate at which readership grows on the internet.

All of these have been the result of trying to apply the little that I am learning as I study the art, science and the technology of writing for readers on the web. If you are a blogger, or are thinking about blogging seriously, you may want to improve your understanding of how the whole writing for the internet thing works.  Here are three important lessons in blogging that are timeless. They apply as much to a newbie blogger as they do to the master. This was a guest post I wrote for the Daily Blog Tips website, one of the places where I learn a lot about blogging.

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  1. Very informative post and inspiring too. Agreed that persistence is important but something hard to achieve.

  2. nice article. even i m learning a lot of new things everyday. the objective is to find genuine readers. the number is less but they are there.

  3. Extremely informative article! And I completely agree with you when you mention about taking breaks. I guess one should only write when he/she actually have the urge to do so than for the sake of the count of blogs alone.

  4. Good to be learning from you. I am new for blogging and find it very confusing at times. Thank God, my mom helps me out in few things when she is free.

  5. Glad to learn few important tips from you. I am new to blogging and it is very confusing for me understand few simple things. Thank God, my mom helps me out whenever she is free ;)

  6. Feels great to read your article after a long time..
    No changes, as always informative and punchy crunchy :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these tips Subhorup :-)

  8. Subhorup Dasgupta sir

    Namaste and thank you very much for sharing very valuable and useful information which is benefited for every blogger.

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