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I tried a lot to come up with a less corny title for this post. Then I read a blogging tip that said corny came second only to outrageous as far as post titles were concerned. That made me feel much better. The problem lies with the fact that I, like many of others, live my life based on what others think. I would have lived it based on what I think, but I don’t think too often, and I don’t know for sure what to think either. I am happier running after material possessions, fretting about how I look, having the body shape others want me to have, and working insane hours in order to buy the cars, perfumes, clothes and accessories that advertising tells me I must have so that others don’t think I am not man enough.

There is a great deal of cool comfort in living life as others want you to. As long as others think I am man enough or anything enough, I don’t have to take the trouble of thinking about anything. The mad pursuit of a life of appearances saves me the trouble of having to reflect on troublesome stuff like poverty, environmental degradation, corruption in public life, social issues and of course, my values. Thanks to technology, I can get away with that without appearing ignorant. As long as I have the latest smartphone in my pocket, I can’t be termed stupid, can I? So what if the phone is called Bling? 

If you are plagued by your conscience, read on, because, in spite of all my selfishness, I have chosen to share my secret tips to guilt-free and pointless living on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti out of my fondness for all that he stood for.

1. Outsource the purpose of life
You have to feel deeply about the purposefulness of your life. After all, it is your life, and it is very short. Don’t waste it thinking about what you can do for others, or for the future. Live fully in the present, since you never know if you will see tomorrow if you are really living it up. Have you ever heard of someone who lived a disciplined and principled life and didn’t die? Simple. Live the way you want, don’t let your neighbors, social activists or even your children, prick your conscience.

2. Disconnect from your values
We are what our values are. Sit down and list out your values. Start with what is in your wallet, your bank accounts, your houses, cars, land, jewelry, stocks, bonds, future dowry from your wives. You get it. Remember the old jungle proverb, a man without values is a man without values, and that is the last thing you want to be, innit?

3. Make sure your values are not your own
We live in an age where borrowing has become fashionable. After having borrowed the future of the planet from our grandchildren, we are now busy borrowing even the present from our children. There is nothing wrong with borrowing money, or even spending money that you dont have as yet, but hope to earn, but values - that’s a no-no. Make sure that all your values are your own. If they are not, do whatever you can to make sure they become your own. There is no price too high to pay for having values of your own.

4. What do you want to be remembered for?
Nobody would like to be remembered as a nobody. Many people waste their lives away trying to make a difference to their worlds at the cost of their personal gain and comfort. Don’t live for others. Spend each moment of your life trying to build up those aspects of external appearances that the world remembers people for, money, material wealth, and mindlessness.

Of course, in spite of all this good advice that would beat an advertiser at his own game, you can can still go ahead a choose to live a life based on truth and beauty. You can choose personal growth over the comfort of spiritual stagnation. You can choose long term happiness and contentment over momentary pleasure and instant gratification. It is your life, you can throw it away living to create meaning not just for yourself but for generations to come. It is your life, you can do what you want. Just don’t blame me for how things turn out though!


  1. How many lives can you touch and impact while you are alive, my friend! That is the only truth. Strive hard for that, all other truths will reveal unto you :)

  2. You made me rethink. I thought I was a person with strong values that i had imbibed from my parents ,teachers and all those whom i met who had made a difference in my life . thanks have a happy pujo . I am glad that you are sharing your thoughts encouraging others to re-examine their lives.I at 74 have truly benifitted.MDG


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