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A couple of good things that came off my networking on Facebook and Google Plus over the last few weeks.

The first was one of my driving tips post getting picked up as a green idea and making it to finalist level for a national green initiative.  Of course, it was not the kind of an idea that was being looked for, but it did give me my 15 minutes of fame and, hold on, a hamper full of very expensive vanity products from a leading cosmetics brand that was sponsoring the media initiative.  My gratitude prevented me from reading up on the ingredients list.

The other thing was my posts on Living Without a Fridge and Minimalist Kitchen getting featured in two other blogs.  This is special since this is the first time that my blogging has led to my posts being featured elsewhere.  Both these blogs have a very specific focus, and it felt nice that they believed that what I had written was of value for their readers.  Thanks, Vivek Nanda of and Andrea Marie Peloso of DitchYourFridge.

As Google Plus takes off, picking up users and content, I wonder what networks like these (G+, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter) will be replaced by in the course of time.  It is as unlikely that FB or G+ will survive the passage of time as it is for analog tapes to replace digital music formats.  For all of us who feel a sense of self worth from the likes to our posts, and from being first gen adopters of new platforms, this might be difficult even to reflect upon, but there it is.

The Prayer (The Fourth Wok)

(make your voice like it were a caricature, not your own voice, never your own)
Piss on me, I can rise no more, shower me with your ritalin heavy piss
Dawn no longer witching, the steam from hot milk tea rising as you stood
Leaning over the railing looking down on to the yard that was the counseling center.
That was fifteen years ago.
(make your voice like it were a caricature, not your own voice, never your own)
I still think he will walk out of the sunrise like an elvis conspiracy. I never did grow up.
I still think what they did was a mistake and they were not at fault,
I still think of visiting, or maybe just sending mail.
(make your voice like it were a caricature, not your own voice, never your own)
I see my flesh and blood and bones today, greedily and quietly play with himself, get stronger
Larger every passing day, larger in every way, God, bury me in your scorn.
A corner, a bend on the beach, God,
Add your additional prayers here.
Chant three times to conclude the practice.
(Not your own voice, never your own.)

(Written 2006)
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