A hectic start to the year!!

A friend of mine wrote, and then removed the post, and then wrote again, If you’re a regular reader, yes, you’ve landed in a place you didn’t intend to go to. If you’ve recently stumbled upon this blog and are interested in our new lifestyle and its outcomes, hope you find our experiments useful. Either way, welcome and hope you enjoy your stay..

Three days after sankranti. the eight winds change, as does air, water, fire, and ether. As does the food that you eat and that which you need. Here is a random and albeit hedonistic set of “this time of the year” favorites.

I have no clue when I will get down to making that list.

The residue of cakes and sweets from the festive year end still lingering in our innards, not always free of accompanying stressors, there still is room for a nice light basic no frills cake.

We did that on the week of Janis’ birthday.  Could have risen some more, but was good (perfect in every way) all the same.

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