Lagaan Team: The Bhuvans of Worldtech

The Bhuvans of Worldtech, as well as the fortune tellers, the potters, the poultry farmers, the blacksmiths, the woodcutters, and the drummers and dancers of our team.

Link to earlier post with a few other pics.

Link to pics of the Worldtech Women's Team, the Gauris, Elizabeths, and the Yashodamais.

Moments from the day.

One of the nicest pictures I got to take in the whole day.  This was while the first match was in progress and everyone was fresh and wide-eyed.

Are these guys dancing or is this one of those rare moments when you let your feelings hang all out?  Click on the picture to see the two up close.  A classic Worldtech moment.

Why are you not telling everybody that you know we are going to win?

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