Mario Vargas Llosa is the recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, the Nobel Committee announced this morning from the Swedish Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. And he wasn't on the lists of favorites.

Among the contemporary greats, somehow, I have not read Vargas Llosa.  Have you?  The same with Xiaobo, whose name was not known to me till the prizes were awarded.  The same happened with Brodsky.  Do leave a comment as to which you rate as his best work and why. Humor - an ignoramus.

Since 1901, the Nobel Committee has honored outstanding individuals in the fields of science, peace and literature with a medal, personal diploma and cash award. In his will, Alfred Nobel noted the fourth prize area to be in literature, and since then, respected writers from broad social, cultural an critical areas have been honored, including Orhan Pamuk, Seamus Heaney, John Steinbeck and Toni Morrison.

Leading up to the announcement, Ladbrokes hosted betting on the Literature Prize winner and had featured Cormac McCarthy at the top with 5/2 odds. Haruki Murakami and Ngugi wa Thiong'o also sat at the top of the list with favorable winning odds.

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Vargas Llosa’s writing is almost universally admired and he had long been mentioned as a possible Nobel candidate, but his gradual shift from the left toward an embrace of free-market capitalism has put him at odds with much of the hemisphere’s intellectual elite.

Marquez tweeted, cuentas iguales.

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