This is what I determined over the months leading up to 2009.
1. Meet the old man. Spend time.
2. Kaikan for the members of Somajiguda.
3. Khairatabad or Koti to become districts by 2010.
4. Somajiguda to become a chapter by 2010.
5. IPC for AP Area
6. KBR and Begumpet MDs to meet regularly with Somajiguda MDs.
7. AP Area Choir.
8. Study the five major writings in 2009.
9. Plan the years 2030 - 2065.


  1. If this article is available online, could you provide the link? Would really love to explore the original. Thanks!

  2. You can find three versions of this here.

    The framework is the determination list, my experience is the background, my day to day life, that which I chronicle as a record of victory and insight, is the action that builds the castle of eternal and indestructible happiness.

  3. By the way, Cathy is a close colleague of mine, a Bengali, a drama facilitator, and with a wonderfully cynical wit!

  4. Your determinations are indeed in the spirit of our mentor, especially the last one! Wish I shared your vision!


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