What do Ghajini and Slumdog Millionaire teach us?

Your 15 minutes are over

My friend over at The Buddha Bar writes about Ghajini, "
As I read newspaper articles reporting the nightmare some children have been seeing, post viewing Ghajini, many thoughts that winced to surface while I saw the movie, got crystallised. What are the problems with the film? Many in my mind. First of all, in Bollywood, this is probably the first time a movie has been named after the villain. In today's day and time, when even Spiderman is exploring his dark side, is it out of place? Maybe not. But is it necessary and could this pompous promotion of the negativities in life be avoided? Surely, yes!"

The fact that Ghajini with its red and grey matter splashed all over the camera lens goes on to become the largest grosser ever is not the most heartening of trends either.

And then we have the whole hullabaloo over Slumdog Millionaire being "poverty porn." As I write this, it has picked up 10 nominations at the Oscars too. Has the social activism spawned by a hyperactive and overresponsive media created a frankenstein, where nothing one does can escape the scrutiny of a moral police that really is a policing of convenience or perhaps consumerism where we live from moment to moment seeking to consume fleeting hysteria?

How many of us can relate back to Mumbai 26/11 with the same intensity that we experienced while watching it unfold? Is it just the passage of time that has blunted the pain or was it just the rush of being part of reality TV that is now giving way to the now breaking news?

Tough questions but ones that need to be answered if we want to move forward with hope.

An aside, I dont find the music of Slumdog particulary outstanding when compared to Rahman's body of work. Comments?


  1. I love your term 'poverty porn'...coz that is what it is! And SM music actually is one of Rahman's worst so the world's ears must be definitely waxy! Do you know an ENT specialist?

    Friend from The Buddha Bar.

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I love Slumdog music.

  3. @anonymous: I love slumdog music too, but you may want to look this post up to understand the context of the comment by conversingwiththebuddha.


  4. Anonymous2:14 AM

    now that oscar time is here, we are crying about poverty of a different sort again, not just one of ideas or direction, but one of soul, of meaning, perhaps...



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