How to do Your Bit to Beat Poverty

Sitting at my desk with my coffee on this Friday afternoon, I remembered a recent conversation regarding the rising prices.  A colleague was telling me how every time she went to the stores in the last six months, prices of grains and cereals were higher than they were.  Doing a little math, I figured that just grains had and cereals had gotten 25% costlier in the last six months, which is more than four times of the inflation index.  Similar rises can be seen with vegetables and fresh produce, livestock and poultry.

It made me wonder how this would translate for people who earned at subsistence levels.  I see a lot of posts about how oil price rise has changed your lifestyle, or recipes with 5 ingredients or less, but very little on how to stay above the poverty line when the line itself is shifting upwards all the time.  It made me wonder what poverty was really.  Was it just powerlessness to access food, healthcare, shelter, education?  This view defines poverty as something close to financially and socio-economically deprived or disadvantaged. 

What does one call selfishness or greed among wealthy people?  What name does one give to the huge military expenses that enforce rules upon developing nations?  What drives the million dollar advertising campaign for high end consumer goods?  I would call all of that poverty too, poverty of compassion, poverty of ideas, poverty of humanness. 
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