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Friends of Friends

The best kept secret, say what!  The most invisible group of people got together recently to celebrate 42 years of being invisible.  These people have rocked the world, wrecked their worlds, and reeked of indifference, but today, they are all invisible, yours sincerely included.  Here is an inside look at some of us ostriches letting our hair down.
The rain gods made sure that we didnt overlook our oversight, and the proceedings moved indoors from the arrangements that had been made outside.  However, as the evening proceeded and the rains stopped, it was a welcome sight watching hot rumali rotis being spun like magic, served from the tawa to the tables even as people enjoyed the sumptuous spread.
After dinner, it was time for dancing, and for those brief moments, all our cares were forgotten, for example, office in the morning, pain in the knees, tear in the armpit, or the years in the hip bone.
Some of us who didnt mind being photographed. 
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The Story of Parth