Warm Hearth Burnt Home (The Third Wok)

Take this, my heaped scorn on all that you say must be.
This my arrogance in the face of your sanctions and your desire.
I do not care how you hurt, how you crave, how you survive.
I do not care that you do not care how deep my cut runs.

Here, all that you say I must, done, but do not ask this of me
Do not ask that I be who I was and feel what I felt because it must be so
Do not say but I am yours, for there are laws beyond I am yours
And I must be above all else true to me, true to be.

I shall turn, shall return, shall fulfill all I must
For I have done untold harm, for that I know there is no rerun
I must walk the path that I have chosen, must follow my heart
And for the harm I’ve done, I will burn, I burn, will always burn.

Know this to be true, in the face of all I say, all I do
I have loved you wordless and always will, like the glowing moon
Yet in the night, I hear the call, and I must reply, I must reply
To my heart I must be true, if its all a lie, then true to the lie.


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Heat the wok,
    Red hot,
    Oil fuming,
    Mustard seeds to crackle,
    Till they burn,
    A splash of water.
    The oil burns,
    The mustard bitter!

  2. Anonymous2:17 AM

    why has noone including me ever visited ur blog. u write very well straight from the heart.i am glad i opened . i do hope that u will send ur writing to major journals. i think u shd get urself an agent.i dont know how to get one but i am sure in the internet u will find one. i dreamt that ur book has been published .like all my dreams i know that this also has to come true.manju

  3. Mr Anonymous have said everything that i wanted to :)
    try to promote it in a better way sir :)

  4. Very touching.Isn't it difficult to be true to oneself when there are so many other factors to be considered?Not many can do it!


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