Jazz Around The World

Jazz is universally acknowledged as an American art form. In truth, though, America only provided the circumstances in which jazz could be born and nurtured. It really is a coming together of influences from all over the world, being churned in the melting pot of post-colonial America, resulting in a music that is plaintive yet frolicky, deeply structured yet spontaneous. What is also interesting that jazz is really music of victory - victory over oppression and the unfairness of the world. And jazz has found a home wherever people have stood up against their circumstances. This aspect of jazz is not commonly spoken about. I strive to do this in my writing and and it was a pleasant surprise when Prasad, +Prasad Np, the man behind the immensely popular travel site, Desitraveler, asked me if I could turn one of the talks I gave recently into a guest post for his blog. It took me a while, but I got there, and here is the post I wrote for him, putting three of my favorite pursuits together - literature, travel, and music.

The post retraces the route taken by Phileas Fogg in the classic Jules Verne novel - Around the World in 80 Days and listens in to how jazz has been owned and adopted by cultures across the world. And yes, it includes a whole lot (80 minutes) of music!

Read the whole post at Desitraveler: Jazz Around The World>>


  1. Among the things I miss most about New York City since I moved from there are the glorious evenings spent at the Blue Note or at the Jazz Standard. I still remember my first such evening of a live jazz performance - in the fall of 2000 - it gave me goosebumps!
    Such great, interesting information about this form of music. Clearly, you are a fan! :)

  2. Interesting post... but I always believed that F Scott Fitzgerald was known as the Father of Jazz in the US. I'm not sure why. However, the post made me love my Jazz songs so much better.

    Arvind Passey

  3. Jazz is something which once heard is hard to ignore :)


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