Hearts of Steel

Buddhism, like many other Eastern schools of thought, is considered to be about being passive, accepting,  and non-confrontational.

Here is a daily encouragement mailer from SGI leader, Daisaku Ikeda, one of the most progressive and proactive thinkers and peace activists of our time that puts this in perspective. I read it and I knew it had to be shared with my readers.

Daisaku Ikeda's Daily Encouragement for Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ralph Waldo Emerson says, "Good-nature is plentiful, but we want justice with a heart of steel, to fight down the proud." If people are merely good-natured, then those who are arrogant and highhanded will have free rein to carry on as they please. Only those who fight with hearts of steel are people of justice.


  1. A food for thought.

  2. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Very well said

  3. Amen!!! So hard to develop the heart of steel...

  4. manjudasgupta7:49 PM

    Dear Subho
    the picture and content brought tears to my eyes.What you write is so true . It is only by making others happy that we get our happiness. what u give out -good or bad comes back to you with bonus . You understand the practice so well. Tipu had once said that u live the practice .How true!We have complicated the simple wisdom of life . You make them simple . Your ability to write so lucidly is a gift of God .Keep writing ,not only in ur blog ,u know what i mean . You were meant to become a writer.Fulfill your mission in life . Also remember "the voice does the Buddha's work " Think of giving talks and show practical ways of implementing the philosophy of peace in our life and society. love u .Ma


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