TED Talk 2023: Prometheus Promotional Video

My name is Subhorup Dasgupta, and if you will indulge me, I would like to change the world.

Originally conceived as a prequel to Aliens, the new sci-fi offering from Ridley Scott - Prometheus - contains an interesting use of social media marketing that I thought I would share with my readers. I am not so sure if this is a promotion for the already popular TED talks, or a way to use the TED popularity to promote the film, but it seems to work. The video is pretty much looking at going viral, given the online community's love for all things T, E, and D. The promo itself is quite captivating, and it is nice to get a sneak peak at what the film might be like.

Disclaimer: This is not a promotion, just something I found and liked and thought of sharing with all of you. This is not an indicator that the film might be any good either, so don't jump me, just indulge me!


  1. Great post. A very innovative way to promote a movie. I liked the speech very much.

  2. Loved the very first line SUBH :D 100% TRUE :)

  3. Trust Ridley to come up with something thought provoking !

  4. I have been a greta follower of the TED talks and recently my husband and me even went to one of the TED shows here in Dubai.. very inspiring and thought provoking.

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  5. impressive speech there ...

    enjoyed listening to it .. thanks for sharing

    Fire indeed the first technology step ..


  6. Great link. Valid points made here. Implementing them will make like better for us.

    Thanks for the share... :)

  7. definitely an innovative way to promote a movie through TED!!!

  8. Anonymous10:19 PM

    He is right. I have trained him. I am god of gods

  9. HI Subho, Not a comment on this particular post but wanted to let you know I tagged/nominated you on my post http://www.aarathiselvan.com/2012/03/good-in-me-and-good-in-you.html to write a post on the best of Jejune Diet. Do look at my post for rules etc. Would love to read the best of Jejune Diet when you are up for publishing it :-)

  10. Impressive indeed! In fact..very!!Your new follower :)

  11. I absolutely love TED and have seen most of them. They are so inspiring and throught provoking. It would be interesting to see how the movie would shape up. Thanks for sharing :)

    -ur latest follower

  12. Good build up for what looks to be a promising entry into Ridley Scott's oeuvre.


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