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This blog doesn’t get updated with any Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays kind of rhythm. Sometimes weeks go past before I am able to come up with something that I feel is worthy of the time and attention of my readers.

With the RSS subscription number quietly crossing a hundred sometime early in February and Google FriendConnect crossing fifty followers, and no improvement in my posting behavior, I decided to customize a free widget that you can download which will do the work for you. It sits in a corner of your browser and packs in quite a punch. I put it out on the sidebar a fortnight back, and was surprised to discover more than a dozen downloads already, and a fair amount of traffic coming via the installed toolbars.

The fact that the Indiblogger homepage was open when I took this screenshot is purely coincidental and in no way implies any relationship between the best blogging community of India and Subho's Jejune Toolbar.

Here is a lowdown of what Subho’s jejune Toolbar does. 
  1. Email: It lets you sign into GMail from any open tab with one click on the mail icon. If you are not using GMail, get the message!
  2. Tweet: It lets you directly tweet about and share any webpage you are on with automatic URL shortening. You also can follow my tweets with a single click that will take you to my twitter page.
  3. Alexa Page Rank: It lets you know the Alexa page rank of any page on the web that you are browsing with just a mouse-over on the Alexa icon. You can also track your own blog’s Alexa rank on a regular basis with this toolbar. 
  4. My Other Blogs: It has a dropdown menu that lets you access some of my other blogs as well as links to my pages on other social networks. Since I created this toolbar initially for my own use, it has links to my other blogs, and to my mom and dad’s blogs, but, hey, now you know them too.
  5. RSS Feed: It cycles popular post titles from all of my feed and lets you discover posts that you may have missed on this blog. The dropdown RSS menu lists out all the recent posts on this blog.
I am a toolbar obsessive, but the two things I do not like about most toolbars are the way they tend to slow your browser down and the way they cause unexpected crashes. This toolbar is very light on browser resource and very stable. The toolbar is self explanatory with text tips to help you when you move your mouse over the different buttons. Do give it a try. If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will not only like it, but will be using it a lot. Download, install and enjoy.

Here is the link to download Subho’s Jejune Toolbar. Do let me know what you think of it.


  1. seems good , maybe will download it for my home computer .. cant use it for work one ,,

    will try it sometime for sure and let u know


  2. Nice initiative Subho. I am Google Chrome obsessed but I do use Firefox rarely so I will download it :)

  3. @Bikramjit - In case you have tried earlier, and not got to the page, try again, there was an error in the link. Fixed it now.

    @Akshay - I am a Firefox fan though I must say I have been disappointed all the way from version 8 to 10.0.1 and have switched to Chrome for many of my tasks. As a matter of fact, I do most of my blogging work on an ancient make, the 3.6, something that doesn't work properly for many of the newer web features. But that is love, I guess, and who knows it better than you and me. However, FF10.0.2 seems stable and fast and light on processing. Give it a try sometime, it is not bad.


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