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The true objective of this post is to introduce you to some of the fine blogs that I have had the opportunity of reading. The rest of it is garnish. However, the tastiest of dishes can appear dull if it weren’t for the garnish. Here’s to the garnish as well as the essence of love.

Kumkum Pishi, Nita Mashi, Aju, Tapati Mashi, Geeta Mashi, and Dad

Last month Subho’s Jejune Diet had the good fortune of receiving the Liebster Blog Award from Akshay Kumar of The Eternal Fighter. In March, another blogger whose work I hold in high esteem, Sowmya Swaminathan of Myspace also passed on the Liebster Blog Award to Subho’s Jejune Diet. SJD also received another Versatile Blogger Award from Vijay Shenoy of Mind’s Eye of Life. I am truly thankful to all three of them for considering the Jejune Diet worthy of this recognition.

Since I have recently posted about the Versatile Blogger Award, this one is about what the Liebster Award needs me to do. The rules as passed on to me by Sowmya and Akshay are
  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • Pick 5 people deserving of the award and notify them on their blogs.
  • Post the award on your blog and spread the love. 
When I was listing out my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award, I had to overlook some of my favorite blogs for two reasons. Firstly, many of them are way too niche to be eligible for being called versatile. These guys know their stuff backwards and can do it right even in their sleep. Secondly, many of them are really popular and my listing them would be embarrassing to them as well as to me. Imagine nominating Leo Babauta or Darren Rowse! In addition, while it may be ibtada-e-ishq for me, some of these blogs and bloggers have received such chain letter blog awards so many times that it probably annoys them more than pleases them.

The word Liebster means “dearest,” and that is an epithet that comes with no strings attached. The Liebster Award gives me the opportunity to spread the love and for me, love, music and food go hand in hand. So here are my selection of five people, three food bloggers and two music bloggers, that I would love to pass on the award to. Since I know that some of them have already received this award in the past, I will leave it to their discretion how and when to pass it on.

  • Poonam Borkar of Spicy Aroma. Food is a celebration of the mystic transmission of life and a perfect way to understand the simultaneity of cause and effect. Spicy Aroma focuses of Indian and Maharashtrian cuisine, but her Maharashtra is not just Mumbai-Kohlapur-Pune. It not only touches the food of all regions of Maharashtra, but also that of the various cultures that have made Maharashtra their home over time. For those who are familiar with the blogger’s name but can’t place the blog, well, it is what used to be Kande Pohe Recipes. Poonam also has an art blog at Kala Dalan that is time extremely well spent.
  • Via Seth of Spice and Flavors. Though this blog is very general and basic, not super niche, the person behind the recipes is a published food writer. It is not pretentious and lets fine dining posts nestle with street food and kids snacks posts and makes sure they play nicely. What I like most about this blog is that it showcases several traditional dishes that are slowly disappearing from the urban cook’s repertoire. Of course, the real reason this blog is listed on my love list is because Via is an Archie Comics fan.
  • The Knife of Mumbai Coffee House. The Knife is, of course, better known as the celebrity food blogger (and Calcuttan exiled in Bombay) behind Finely Chopped. But Finely chopped not only has enough love coming its way, but is an awesome blend of pictures and words and a true example of great story telling. The three-year-old Mumbai Coffee House on the other hand is more of a poor cousin, but the cousin that speaks the language of the heart. The fact that it speaks rarely can surely be remedied by sending more love its way. If you are wondering about the URL for Finely Chopped, google it.
  • Anshu Anand of New on my Playlist. For many people of our generation, the last good rock music was written in the 70s. Anshu has an eclectic taste in new Indie rock, and has introduced me to some very fine contemporary rock through his blog. With embedded audio tracks and band videos along with links to artist sites, his blog is an Indie treasure chest.
  • And finally, Subhorup Dasgupta (more love. brother, more love) of The Operative Note. This blog, like Subho’s Jejune Diet, defies the concept of niche. It speaks of Hendrix and Joplin with the same gravity as it does of Bela Bartok and Whitney Houston. The only connecting thread is that all of this is music that carries special meaning for the blogger.This six-year-old blog also documents Subho’s evolution as a blogger as he struggles with the lessons of structure, verbiage, and clarity.


  1. Congrats on the award. Here's wishing you many more. Love the people picked up. Am already following almost all of them and couldn't agree more with your list!

  2. Hearty Congratulations..:-) Many more to come on your way..:-)

  3. Its always nice to appreciate fellow bloggers for their efforts.. Good work!!

  4. @Kajal - Thanks a lot. Glad you liked my awardees.

    @Homemakers Utopia - Thanks. Delighted to have a deep thinker and reader like you following my work.

    @BK - Thanks, BK. Your contribution to help bloggers in India is very great, and I truly appreciate the opportunities you send our way.

  5. Congrats again brother. Really nice to know you hold my blog in high esteem, I'm truly honored.

    I'll surely checkout the blogs you have recommended.

  6. Congrats Subhorup on the award, here's to many, many more. I replied to you in my blog post Kolkata Chicken Rolls :-)

  7. Left you a comment in my blog :-)

  8. wooo...congrats Man... :)

  9. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Congrats on your award.

  10. Ramesh Grandhi5:37 AM

    Congratulations, am not really surprised that you are getting all these awards though.

  11. Congratulations Subho; Cheers !

  12. Congratulations Subho; Cheers !

  13. Congratulations Subho jhi :)
    You deserve it :D
    May you get many more :)

  14. Congrats! Wish you many more such awards.

  15. Congrats on your award and thank you so much for those lovely words about my blog and sharing your award with me..It really means a lot to me..:)

  16. Thanks for pointing out some nice food blogs! I love those!


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