The Search for Happiness: Guest Post at Elevation Life

Happiness is our natural birthright, but we often get confused about what it truly means. Happiness is not a life without struggle or a state in which nothing undesirable happens. It is the ability to see the wholeness of things, to accept humbly that which instructs us through pain and to respond to the call of life to participate in it. It is in the ability to cleanse your perception so that you see with your heart, the ability to follow your heart even when it might seem that you will be the only one on your journey, and the ability to be grateful even at times of great adversity. Happiness is being a student, a teacher, a mate, a child, a lover and a parent, and honoring the multitudes that we are all made of.

I am honored to have one of my posts featured on Bryan Thompson's life-changing blog Elevation Life. Do head over to read the rest of the post there.


  1. Very well said Subhorup. This one is my first serious read of your posts and I could connect without any discord.

    I feel happiness is not always knowing what it means; sometimes it's easier to get there without the awareness of being happy.

    Keep posting. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers.

  2. It was a fantastic read. Keep churning out more of such stuff. Cheers!

  3. congrats for getting featured !
    Happiness is all about satisfaction and fulfillment :)

  4. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I guess happiness is a terribly subjective thing. One may find happiness in work, another in leisure; one in music, another in maths... Ultimately, happiness may be just a choice!

  5. Anonymous9:35 AM

    was little confused as to where sud i post my comment. going by the interaction i sud ideally have commented there but i m more familiar with ur blog so.....

    absolutely loved ur post, profound. there are many things which perhaps we know but cannot put it in words. ur post is going to help me immensely to understand various aspects of life. brilliant.

  6. Well put. Some find it early in life, some spend most of their life looking for it and yet some more do not find it in their entire lifetime. Ultimately, it is a frame of mind. Only we can control it individually....

  7. Thanks to each one of you who took the time and visited this post over at Elevation Life, and left your comments behind, either here or there. Very grateful that you found this post to be of value, since after all, that was my objective in writing it. May your lives be filled with all that you need to become all that you were meant to be!


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