Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This is just a link to a post by a friend. That post is just a video of a song that my friend likes. Some things are just some things. 

Some things in life cannot be expressed in words. Extreme experiences of love, joy, gratitude, grief are not describable. Some experiences and feelings are private. While you do your best to keep them locked away, they claw their way back into the forefront of your consciousness. Some battles are best shared. This post is to honor the contribution of a fellow traveler in more senses than one. Please click here to visit his blog to see a video of a Phil Collins song that my friend Gokul has shared for his estranged children.


  1. How strange that I should read this post when my own son is estranged from me...and I am a woman...

  2. That was a beautiful song by phil collins I have never heard it before .. So thank you.


  3. Tejeesh7:37 AM

    you know, the world at large eulogizes a mother and her love for her children - people tend to forget that fathers too have a heart. going through it myself.


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