Truncus Arteriosus

truncus arteriosus

My governance is compromised.
I really must go.

There is a gaping hole,
an unbridgeable chasm
Between the left and the right.
Between love’s labor
And rewards.
What can a people do?

Fresh blood gets confused
As it stands at the door.
The gateway to good
The gateway to the not good
Appear as one.

For one in a million
In truth,
They are one.

Bugs in the ministry.
Riches not mine.
I really must go.

There is no choosing.
No blood to be shed.
No bonds that are any good.

Sworn to my mission
Struggling to breath darkness
Watching helplessly
Blue blood mix with red,
Starving cells of will
Ending their war
To find a clawhold in the dawn
of a life that will never begin.

I really must go.
There is no choosing.
My governance is compromised.


  1. The poem sums up the glossary of emotions which envelop most of us all the time. Message is clear. Hope is a distant dream.

  2. Wonderful poem aith strong emotions and touchy

  3. nicely put down with perfect words... :)

  4. Nicly composed... touching


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