Anna Hazare and his team arrested for protesting against corruption

One of the darkest days in the history of Indian democracy. Anna Hazare and other leaders of the India Against Corruption have been formally arrested as they began their day preparing to protest against the government's refusal to put up their views on the Lokpal Bill for debate in parliament.

The arrests took place early in the morning, with plainclothesmen turning up at Anna Hazare's residence and detaining him, without detention orders or giving any reason. He and other leaders of the people's movement against corruption were taken to the Officers Mess at Civil Lines, where they were formally arrested.

For a quick overview of the background to this historic development, do look up this post on I Blog For A Cause.

With ordinary citizens coming out on the streets in all major cities and towns of India and even abroad in protest against the government's crackdown on the anti-corruption movement, this day might well change the political future of our nation.

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