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My parents are way pre-independence, and over the last several years, Mom has learned to use the computer, shoot emails back at lightening speed, chat on gtalk and skype, and browse the web to find missed episodes of her favorite (terrible) serials posted online.  The fact that we younger folk are considered 24X7 tech support, of course, bothers neither her nor us. 

My Dad on the other hand is as stubborn as a mule when it comes to anything beyond pen, paper, book, and his rusting portable Olivetti.  So it was a pleasant surprise when he called one day last month to ask whether 500 Gb would be enough to host a website for him.  We asked him what he meant by a website for him, and why he was asking.  It turned out that he had finally been conquered by a marketing executive for a webhosting service.  What convinced him?  He was a Bengali representing a Hyderabad firm, a city that he is very fond of.   All of us, including Mom, screamed at him, and asked him to stick to his "I don't know anything, ask my wife" line going forward.

Many laughs, and some de-briefing later, we came up with a blog for him so that he could post his articles, reviews of his books, and news items of his activities.  When we showed him that he had close to 50 visitors in a week's time, he was thrilled like a child, and asked, "but who are these people, and why are they visiting my page?"  That one, we couldn't answer.

You can visit his website by clicking here.  Your visit will make him very happy.  See if you can also let him know who you were, and why you were visiting by leaving a comment behind.

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