Outlook, the wonderful rebel magazine from the South, has done it again. It has a different cover story on the website and a different one on the newsstand. Interesting fact. The online version has the Revival of Buddhism story as the lead cover story and the political and electoral debacles of the communist parties of India (all shades) as a second lead as can be seen in the top left inset of the cover graphics on the website. However, if you pick up a copy from the newsstand, you will find the Buddhism story in the inset and Hammered and Sick as the main cover story (uniformly red though). Here is google's cache of the index page for this issue so you can see the cover images for yourself.

One guess is that they wouldn't have expected the reds to go online to check if they were still bleeding online as they were in print.

Anyway, heartening to read about the growth of "new age" Buddhism in the land that Shakyamuni Buddha hailed from.

Read the whole story here.

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