Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food

Update (October 2011): I chanced upon this post as it was picking up a lot of traffic, and realized an update was needed. As the food posts grew, I decided to hive them off to a new blog, and keep this blog as a the catch-all for my random thoughts. 

It has been more than two years now since I started the food blog, Sita Ki Rasoi, and you can find it at sitakirasoi.blogspot.com. Do visit, and subscribe to it by email or follow it using google friend connect.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what was going on in my mind when I published this post in this large font size. This was way before I learned that increasing font size results in higher time per page view! I have left the font size as is so that I am reminded of my journey as I go forward. Enjoy the post.
Did I Know This Was Where I Was Headed?

कभी नहीं !!!

Little had I known when I started posting my writing five years ago, more as a way of recording my writing than as a blog, that I would end up considering a food blog.

Thanks to the direction my life has taken, I have rediscovered food, from seeing it as a necessity to realizing its importance in the greater scheme of things। I have learned to be grateful for the lifeform that goes to sustain my life, and to enjoy and participate in the myriad celebration that surrounds the seemingly humble (and often considered mundane) task of eating.

Here is a talk at talks@google by Michael Pollan that overviews his newer book, In Defense of Food, demystifying what food and eating are really all about. Hope you like it, and go one to read his writing which you can find here. This video is an hour long including questions and answers at the end of the talk, but well worth the time.

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