Step One

September 1, 2007
After many years, I set sail again for the winds for the winds asked. The seas had changed, my skills had not. It was raining heavily when I left home. My wife shed a tear, my son cried in her arms. I had to find harbor before night fell. I was wet and cold and my ravaged body shivered as I went from shelter to shelter till I found a place to rest my bones. It was a travelers halt and the owner agreed to let me stay and to pay once I found my fortune. I laid my body down next to my dripping bags and then it was morning.

September 2, 2007
Shaking a baby centipede off my hair, I rose, dreaming still of all my angels and fingers wagging at me and pointing at my forefathers. Being Sunday, all I heard was the sound of children and dogs playing. I tied my hair and stepped out to a sunrise of endless glory.

The cirrus and the cumulus told me that all was well and that all would be well though I could not see that for myself. The glistening grass and the distant rising and falling of erstwhile suburbia shouted out that what I thought about what I thought didnt really matter.

September 3, 2007
I replied to some of my emails as best as I could, cautious yet arrogant, made worse by a business lunch that was a test of my strength. Of course it was a sham, an act, premeditated execution and unkindness made to look spontaneous. I live with myself all the time.

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